• Guangdong Kaidaxing Plastic Mold Co., Ltd. (KDX) is specialized in manufacturing high-end precision automotive lighting part moulds and automotive rearview mirror moulds. We cooperate deeply with major automotive lighting system manufacturers in Europe, America and Japan. The major customers are for example: Koito, Automotive Lighting, Valeo, Hella, Olsa, etc.

    KDX wholly owns an area of more than 33,300 square meters ground and has build a modern production hall with 22,500 square meters. Currently more than 260 employees are working at KDX, including 60 office stuffs and nearly 200 skilled workers of all kinds for mould manufacture.

    KDX has set up a R&D team, all members are technicians, who have been engaged in long term practical research. The strong research provides a reliable guarantee for the continuous innovation of the company’s technology, the improvement of product performance and quality. We can better meet the different needs of global customers.

    KDX has been following the development concept of "loyalty, continuous innovation, quality assurance, service with high quality", committed to providing more advanced, stable and high quality moulds for the market, and establish an international wellknown brand.
  • After 20 years of development, Kaidaxing has become an international company,which is specialized in the development of automotive lighting moulds, and an important supplier of worldwide top automotive lighting system companies.
    In 2001 KDX started to manufacture different types of lighting component tools, for the face-lifting and after markets.
    Beginning in 2008, our company focused on lighting component moulds. Over the past 18 years, KDX has accumulated rich experience and technology for the lighting components moulds.
    In 2012, we began to provide the key components such as light guides for the worldwide well known automotive lighting brands, such like Koito, Automotive Lighting, Valeo, Hella, etc.
    In 2013, KDX invested 1500t multi-color injection machines and became one of the few manufacturers in China, who can provide multi-color outer lens products.
    In 2014, KDX also invested in high-precision 5-axis milling machine for automotive lighting components molds, in order to provide our customers series production moulds with high-quality, high-precision, complex structure.
    In 2016, we achieved an important breakthrough and began to manufacture high-end headlamp Bi-color lens and thick wall products.
    In 2017, KDX purchased GOM ATOS III Triple 3D scanners to provide our customers quicker, more efficient and more accurate measurement results of tool components and plastic articles.
    Kaidaxing's new plant in Hengli, Dongguan was completed in 2018, and the relocation is done in June 2018.
  • Kaidaxing is a professional and specialized manufacturer of automotive lighting components moulds , which provides customers with high decorative requirements and precise optical requirements. Our company has more than 18 years of professional experience in manufacturing automotive lighting moulds, providing high quality series production moulds for worldwide famous automotive lighting system providers.

    We have 26 polishing technicians, with an average working experience of 12 years and outstanding polishing ability. Dust free polishing room ensures the polishing quality. Our polishing technicians have received professional training from Japan and Germany.

     Continuous internal process optimization helps KDX to improve production efficiency, throughout the entire design, development, processing and manufacturing processes. KDX has implemented ERP software for more than 10 years. The ERP system helps us to control the production process, arrange the production capacity reasonably and ensure the delivery timing.

    The long term focus on the manufacture injection moulds for automotive lighting systems ensures us very well the awareness of the requirements of the products, layout and structure of the tools, so that we can provide our customers efficient, high quality and stable series production tools. More than 90% of the moulds will get T0 internal trail, in order to ensure the quality and fluency of T1 try out test.


    Result oriented tooling optimization process and the long time experience of focusing on the moulds of automotive lighting components helps the tooling optimization after the try outs faster and more efficient.

    Our equipment niveau is beyond the average level of the tooling industry in China, which ensures our quality, accuracy and efficiency.

  • Guangdong Kaidaxing Plastic Mold Co., Ltd. completed the construction and relocation of the new Dongguan Hengli plant in June 2018. The new plant covers an area of more than 33,300 square meters and has a modern production hall of 22,500 square meters. The new production plant has a central cooling system, to control the temperature all over the production departments. The maximum lifting weight in the workshop is 30 tons.
    We have such processing equipment as DMG5 axis, Breton 5 axis, Röders, Quickjet, etc. Maximum processing stroke of our machines is X:2000*Y:2500*Z:1200MM. The maximum equipment RPM is 60.000. High precision equipment are covered by independent environmental temperature control system.
    The clamping force of our test injection machines has the ranges from 110 tons to 1500 tons. These include 420 tons professional injection machine for clear parts and thick wall parts . Furthermore we invested the 1500 tons multi-color injection machine in 2013.
    In addition to the traditional three-dimensional measurement equipment (maximum travel X:1500*Y:1000*Z:800MM), KDX invested the GOM ATOS III Triple 3D scan  machine in 2018, which can provide the most efficient high-precision testing of die parts and products in very short time.
    In terms of modern professional software, the company is equipped with Simens UG, Catia, AutoCAD, Powermil, etc.
    According to the different requirements of our customers, the main standard tooling components are used by Kaidaxing include HRS, Mold Master, Synventive, Yudo, DME, Strack, Misumi, Hasco, etc.
    Also, KDX owns the certification of
    ISO:9001:2015. The ISO:14000 is in process.
    Our D-U-N-S is 544503294.
  • KDX provides professional and efficient tooling design and manufacture for the worldwide major automotive linghting system customers.



    The main customers group of the lighting industry include Koito, Hella, Automotive Lighting, Valeo, Olsa and other well-known European and American lighting brands as well as Japanese.



    KDX’s main customers of rearview mirror industry include Murakami, etc.



    KDX established its own After Sales Service in Xiaogan, Hubei Province in 2015.


    It is mainly responsible for the After Sales Services of the mould delivered in central China


    Currently, there are 10 working staffs located in Hubei.

    After Sales Services in China


    KDX established After Sales Service cooperation relationship with a German professional automotive lighting mould toolshop in 2018.


    The toolshop is located near by Paderborn, North Rhein Westfallen, Germany. It is mainly responsible for the After Sales Services for KDX moulds, which are delivered to European customers.


    KDX sends technicians to the partner from time to time to assist in the completion of services by demand.

    After Sales Services in Europe

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